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Erin & Giuseppe
at St. Ambrose Catholic Church and Carpenter's Hall on The Hill

Casey and I enjoyed a beautiful fall day to celebrate with Erin and Giuseppe and their families on The Hill.  We started off the day at the bride's parents house and the groom's parent's house while the wedding party got ready for the day. After a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Ambrose Erin and Giuseppe walked with us around the hill and over to Shaw Coffee shop for a cup of their fabulous fresh-roasted coffee (thanks to the staff for being so accommodating!) We stopped by a few parks and then headed to the reception at the Carpenter's Hall off Hampton. It was an incredible day, and a great blessing to be a part of their story!

Congratulations to wedding guests, family, and friends! You can register to see Erin & Giuseppe's wedding pictures at

Erin and Giuseppe Sneak Peak Wedding Image

10/16/2010 - We just added some sneak peak images of our favorite moments with Erin & Giuseppe!



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Gerred and Jessica celebrate their wedding at Forest Park!
at The Jewel Box in Forest Park with reception at the Forest Park Golf Club

I loved working with Gerred and Jessica. Our engagement session together worked out so well- they both got comfortable simply being themselves in front of the camera. And that made a huge differene in my favorite images! I love these moments, when a bride and a groom can just enjoy their day and each other. Check out an extended set of sneak peaks below! You can also register to view photos from Gerred and Jessica's wedding.

Wedding details- the bride's shoes

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Pamela & Jason Marry in Defiance, MO
at Old Peace Chapel in Defiance, MO

Yes! Pamela and Jason are married! They celebrated a beautiful wedding day on July 17 at the historic Old Peace Chapel in Defiance. John Harder spent the afternoon capturing their wedding day. You can register to see their wedding pictures at

Jason and Pamela walk down the isle newlyweds!






Gerred and Jessica celebrate their wedding at Forest Park!
at The Jewel Box in Forest Park with reception at the Forest Park Golf Club

Thanks for visiting our website after attending the Knopf/Heller wedding. Register to view photos from the wedding and you'll receive an automatic email from as soon as Gerred and Jessica share the photos!

Take a look at some of our favorite images from the wedding below!

Gerred and Jessica share an intimate moment

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Michelle & Keith's Wedding in Durham, North Carolina

at Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Durham, North Carolina. Reception at The Art Center in Graham, North Carolina.

Click read more to see an expanded sneak peak of my favorite moments from Michelle and Keith's wedding!  You can still pre-register to view their wedding pictures, which are due to be released in early July. Their engagement session from Greensboro, NC is available now- check it out!

Keith and Michelle after cutting their wedding cake

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Photography News

In June I had the opportunity to photograph Felipe and Zarana to help them celebrate their engagement. Today Felipe was promoted to Second Lieutenant and joined the US Marine Corps Officer ranks! He invited me to come and photograph his promotion ceremony. The ceremony was held in Kiener Plaza, and with the Arch and Old Courthouse as a backdrop, it was simply amazing.

Felipe receives his Mameluke sword

As a US American citizen, I am proud of the men and women who serve boldly in our armed forces. Congratulations Felipe - I am glad to have been a part of your day!

Interested in pictures of the event? Register your email address and you will be automatically notified when Felipe's ceremony pictures are online.

In the mean time, check out some sneak peaks below (more to come!)

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Abby in Old Town St. Charles. We had a great session and took advantage of the many textures St. Charles has to offer, as well as the last hours of warm sunglight. You can check out some of my favorite images and a slideshow. View all of Abby's photos at

Abby Fear's Senior Photo Shoot

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If you haven't heard of Jilly's Cupcake Bar and you live in St. Louis you are missing out! A few years ago I was headed to The Loop and saw this new place opening up on Delmar. I am so glad I stumbled upon Jilly's! They have excellent food and drink, and their cupcakes are nearly indescribable.

Jilly's German Chocolate Cupcake

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